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Which Linux Distro is best for me....

Best Linux for me

Hi all,
I am back with my next blog. In this article I am going to help those who are planning to install linux for some reason  but are confused to select linux disto because there  are plenty of linux freely available to download. So which linux should I install here is mentioned :
1.I Just want to try linux :

If you just want to try linux then you don’t need to install it at all,
For this you can test linux with the help of Linux live CD known as ‘knoppix “.
Almost all Linux distro provide their live cd.
The user can run many different software applications and he may also save documents / files created during a Live CD session to persistent storage like a hard disk or a flash drive.
A Linux Live CD can also be used in situations when your windows has crashed and you want to save your existing data on another media before reinstalling windows. The only problem is that such distributions tend to run slower than fully installed Linux distributions.

You can also try linux on your windows machine with some virtualization software like Virtual PC (Microsoft ),Virtual Box or with VMWare

2.Linux for Home users /Notebooks :

With my personal experience to linux I think that Ubantu and PCLinuxOS are two best destro of linux for home users. Ubantu and PC Linux OS both offer user friendly applications,Games , Desiging softwares and office Packages. Personaly I installed ubantu in my HP Laptop in 2009 dual boot with windows XP. In  my same laptop ( P4,2.4 GHz /512 MB ) I was unable to run Windows Vista and Windows 7 properly.Even my windows XP takes more than one minute to boot up after grub selection , wheres as my ubantu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx ) takes less than 40 seconds in the same notebook. I run music audio and video files (almost any formate ) in VLC media player and using firefox for fastbrowsing and Impathy for gmail and  hotmails chat client.
It has a predictable, six-month release schedule, with occasional Long Term Support (LTS) .Ubuntu is also notable for its ease of use and its inclusion of a migration assistant for Windows users and support for the latest technologies. Version 10.10 of Ubuntu--also known asMaverick Meerkat--will include a multitouch and gesture stack. The final iteration of that version is due out next month  Personaly I don’t remember when I have logged in to windows in my laptop after Ubantu.

On the other hand if you have good hardware (any new computer P4 2.0 or above with more than 1 GB ram then Fedora 11,and Fedora 12 are also very good choices.

3.Linux for old computers :

Puppy Linux is a Live CD distribution that has a small installer and will run just fine on computers with RAM as little as 64 MB. Puppy Linux can boot from several media including USB flash drives, CD or a zip drive. Puppy Linux will run totally in RAM so make sure you save the modified personal files to a disk else you’ll lose the changes when the system shuts down.
Xubuntu, a variant of Ubuntu is also a possibility. Xubuntu uses xfce, a desktop environment that uses less system resources than GNOME that comes with the Ubuntu distribution. Xubuntu versions are released twice a year, coinciding with Ubuntu releases.
antiX is another good choice for old computers – it should run on systems that were considered slow when Windows 98 was released (like the Pentium II series). Damn Small Linux and Zenwalk are other variations that have minimal hardware requirements.

4. Linux for Commercial /Production Environment :

For  core production /Comercial Environement I will recommend some enterprise version of linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux ,Oracle Enterprise or suse Enterprise Linux.
However Cent OS is a very good choice if you don’t need any support. It is just clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux without any official support of Red Hat. All  the Red Hat Logos are removed in Cent OS. In my office we are using CentOS as mail server from last 3 years withour any issue till date.
Fedora is also a good choice for both server and desktop end.
And finally Ubantu is always free there.

                       Finaly if you have sufficient resources than you not try to hesitate to taste each flavor of Linux….


                                                                              Satish Malanch

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