Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some New and Great Features in Fedora 11

Hi Friends,

In this artical i am going to mention some to the new cool and robust featue of Red Hat Fedora core 11.

1. Booting Time :
                             Boot time in this edition is minimum ever.With default software Packages in GNome session the booting time in between boot screen to login screen in less than 20 sec
( In init-5, in Init3 terminal is even fast ).

                  Automatic Bug Reporting Tool: Help non-power users with bug reporting, making it as easy as a few mouse clicks.

 3. ext4 file System:

Make ext4 the default files system for anaconda-driven installs (replacing ext3). User should notice generally better performance, and benefit from things like persistent preallocation when using updated torrent clients, etc.Risk of data lose are very less in this file system. GRUB still does not offer Ext4 support under Fedora.
4. Better Surfing with Mozila Firefox 3.5:
                                                                 Firefox has been upgraded to version 3.5 .
5. Gnome Version 2.26
6. KDE Desktop version KDE 4.2
7. Tiger VNC : Tiger VNC is new tool for Remote support

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